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ARINC 429 Bus Testing System

The indispensable tool for everyone using ARINC429 signals.
Small independent easy to use clever.
Just switch on and get started.

ARINC 429 bus testing device

This handy device allows the quick check of all to an ARINC429 bus connected units, either transmitting or receiving.

Questions, like which bit is changing when a certain state is reached in the aircraft, or how specific data are scaled, are easily answered. But also the simulation and display of ARINC429 data, like the altitude or the speed is possible without any problems.

The entire handling is effected via 3,5 touchscreen display, which is also well readable at daylight. An accumulator allows a total employment of 45 minutes without any external power supply.

The test signals are getting connected via customized cables or breakout boxes.

Basic Modes


  • bit rate: 100kbit/s and 12,5kbit/s
  • data output configurable bit per bit (hex, oct or dez)


  • bit rate: 100kbit/s and 12,5kbit/s
  • auto recognition of all labels appearing at the bus
  • data display in bit (hex or dez), but also scaled in physical units

Enhanced Mode

  • plot function
  • RAMP operation
  • compilation of data frames
  • number of words and meantime selectable
  • 8 analog outputs (14 bit resolution)
  • 8 analog inputs (14 bit resolution)
  • 3,5" display with touchscreen
  • microSD slot
  • accumulator mode 45 min approx.
  • measure 152x95x30 mm
  • weight 400 g approx.


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