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PCM Decoder for the PCI-Bus

In all kinds of measurement systems and especially in telemetry systems PCM signals are used to record or transmit measurement data. To evalutae these PCmdata with a modern PC a decoding interface card for the PCI-Bus is necessary.

PCM Decoder for the PCI-Bus

For the use of the PCM2002 Card under the operating system Windows >98 enviroment the driver and driver intallation program is available. Further an easy to use configuration program for the PCM decoder, configuration of the DAC and discrete outputs will be delivered. This program also includes a display of the raw data and can be upgraded according to customer wishes to any calculated display of selected data. There is also a user interface to allow a direct access of the Dual Prot RAM.



6 different PCm signals can be decoded. They can have either RS422 ore TTL level. The PCM decoding is for each of the 6 inputs fully programmable. Signal formats can be NRZ plus clock, Biphase L or Miller. Word size can be up to 16 bits, the maximal frame size up to 1024 words (optional more), Bitrate up to 1,5 Mbit.


All data are accessible over a true Dual Port RAM of 6 times 1k X 16 bit. The decoding hardware (Logic Cell Array LCA) writes to this RAM all incoming data sorted by word and frame. Beside software prduced screen displays from this data, in hardware there are 24 analoge voltages, produced by 13 Bit Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC) in a range of +/- 4,096 Volt /(1 mV/Bit Resolution). They can be set to any input word of any of the 6 input channels. Scaling is free programmable. This output can be used for any pen recorder.

10 digital TTL compatible outputs can be used to indicate status information to any extern hardware.


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