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PCM Data Acquisition System
PCM Signal Simulator

As aircraft systems becoming more and more digital, Flight Measurement Systems changed therefore also from analog transmitting and recording to digital.

This means, the combined feature of all flight test systems is, that data needed for evaluation is converted in serial data streams, called PCM streams.

But there are a lot of different types of PCM streams. They all have different organization of data words, frame and sub frames, bit per word, sync words etc. The "PCM Data Acquisition System Handheld" is able to handle all different types.

Any data of different PCM inputs streams can be selected, monitored or recorded an a micro SD card. Additional up to 8 data words can be output as analog voltage.

The system also includes a PCM Simulator, which is able to create nearly any PCM stream.



  • decommutates IRIG PCM stream
  • Data rate up to 4MBit/s per stream
  • Messages coded in NRZ-L
  • Singal accordant to RS422 specification (optional TTL compatibility)
  • 8 analog channels (+/-10V) max. 1mA


  • Data rate in number of bits per second
  • Number of words per minor frame
  • Number of minor frames per major frame.
  • The Sync Words at the beginning of every minor frame.
  • For each word of the output stream, where output data should be inserted.


  • Case 155 X 98 X 29 mm


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