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micromax Sensor Interface

Intelligent sensor interface
- small und smart -

micromax Sensor Interface

The micromax Sensor Interface is designed to complete small jobs with a microcontrollers help. Depending on the application, it can be arranged with different sensor interfaces (e.g. thermocouple amplifier, NTC amplifier). The sensordata can be processed in the microcontroller. The raw data can be filtered, linearized and sent to further CAN knots within the CAN bus interface. CANAerospace is supported.



  • RAM 16K
  • EEPROM 256K
  • FLASH 2K
  • RTC
  • RS232 interface
  • one CAN interface galvanic decoupled
  • one CAN (without driver chip)


1. Analog Interface

  • two thermocouple amplifier
  • two NTC amplifier
  • two pressure sensor amplifier
  • two spare amplifier imputs 0 - 5 VDC

2. ARINC 429 interface

  • two sender (100k Bit and 12,5k Bit)
  • four receivers (100k Bit and 12,5k Bit)

3. Steppermotor interface

  • two power drivers

4. More interface modules are in development

Sensor interface

  • dimensions: 72.x.42.x.50.mm (l,w,h)
  • weight < 300g
  • application for use in industrial areas is prepared

Power supply

  • In: 9.-. 36.VDC
  • or 18.-. 72.VDC
  • or 36.-.156.VDC
  • Internal: +/- 12 VDC, + 5 VDC


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