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Advanced LED controller

High-capacity controller to control power LED

Advanced LED controller

Two light sources with max. 1.5A per color output (rgb) can be used on one controller. The device works with a max. output rating of 6x12 W.

With an additional connection you can connect up two 120 controller via CAN bus, which results in a total number of 240 LED elements with three different colors each. Every color from every led can be adjusted individually or synched.

A software for Windows lets you programm the controller for several activties. You are able to change the color hue manually, select different effects or let the software regulate the lights automatically with a sound source.


  • IP66 Case and connectors made for rough environment
  • Safety isolation transformer (protection class 2) for use in wet environment like baths or swimming pools.
  • A PC connection enables several effects and the automatically regulation via music.
  • Up to 120 controllers via CAN bus
  • Case: IP66 260x160x80mm