micma electronic GmbH
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Circuits & PCB

Schaltplan PCB Layout We develop analog and digital circuits to your liking. The spectrum reaches from simple two layered PCBs up to eight layer PCBs.

Software development

We offer microcontroller programming based on the micromax 03 microcontroller and Windows GUI deveploment.

CAD design and manufacturing

case Another part of our service is the creation of 3D graphics for planning or documentation of your projects. Manufacturing is possible in different materials such as high quality steel or plastic.

Assembling PCBs

Leiterplatte Single pieces or small batch series can be assembled manually which also happens to prototype PCBs. Larger series are being assembeled automatically from one of our partner.

Development and engineering of custom cables

In our field of activity lies also the creation of cable layouts and their manufacturing. Of course, the choice of material lies in your hands. Temperature range, resistance to different types of environmental influences are being considered aswell.


Development of complete systems

Of course, all of our services are avaiable as a whole for the developement of a complete system. The development happens in collaboration where the focus lies on your wishes and ideas. The integration in already established systems is also possible. We willingly incorporate our expert knowledge to your projects.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.